Sync your sales channels seamlessly

Get more out of your e-commerce websites by integrating with Ladels.

eBay Image

Take control of your business by integrating your eBay account with Ladels.

  • Sync your eBay orders with Ladels in 1 click
  • Unlimited connections available (Add all of your eBay accounts!)
  • Access USPS Commercial PlusĀ® Pricing for free
  • Track shipped orders and process returns
  • Batch ship orders using the Ladels Shipping Wizard
  • Add ons such as signature confirmation, insurance, and return receipts available
  • Friendly customer support

How do I connect the e-commerce websites I use with Ladels?

Connecting your e-commerce websites with Ladels is simple. From your dashboard, click "Connect" to view which accounts you have connected with Ladels. From here, you can manage your integrations and add or remove them as you wish.

eBay Image
eBay Image

Ladels is continuously working on integrating more e-commerce websites, so you can sync from wherever you sell online.

If we don't have your e-commerce platform linked to Ladels yet, you can still ship through Ladels using our dynamic snipping tools. You can create manual orders or upload a spreadsheet to ship any orders through Ladels, no matter where you sell. Don't worry - you will always receive our deep discounts on shipping labels!

Check back here frequently to see which e-commerce integrations we've added. If you would like to request a specific sales channel to be added to Ladels, drop us a line through our Contact Us form and we'll add it to our list!

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