Stand out from the crowd and grow your business with one-of-a-kind custom shipping labels.

With Ladels you can:

  • Select themes or color schemes to apply to your label
  • Customize the label's design to match your brand - add your logo, website, social media, and more
  • Change fonts and text
  • Add social media handles for easy following
  • Add a callout for a coupon inside the box
  • Run digital and social media contests directly on your labels
  • Remind customers of upcoming sales +more
Personalized Labels

With Ladels, you can style a custom shipping label that enhances your brand identity. Whether that's changing the label's color or font, or adding a logo, the ability to customize is endless! Make a statement with your label with Ladels.

Personalized Labels

Once the label is printed and the merchandise is shipped, Ladels continues to work for you by sending customers customized follow-up emails. These emails give customers peace of mind and assurance that their order is on the way. More importantly, it reminds them of your unique brand identity.

Personalized Labels

Ladels' personalization tools allow online businesses to own their customer's post-purchase experience, so you can add a custom experience to your business without breaking the bank. Creating a memorable experience for your customers creates brand loyalty and encourages re-purchase, and Ladels makes it easy. Labels print on standard 8.5x11 sized paper with standard ink.

Save up to 90% on shipping costs + get all of these custom features for one low monthly price.

Custom Labels

With Ladels, you can:

  • Get the cheapest shipping rates with USPS Commercial Plus Pricing
  • Sync your orders from different marketplaces
  • Manage your orders and customers in one dashboard
  • Add signature confirmation, insurance, and additional add-ons
  • Ship comfortably with address validation and tracking
  • Fully customize your shipping IabeIs to create a unique and memorabIe customer experience