Ship all of your orders in just a few clicks

Boost your productivity and grow your business by using Ladels shipping tools to process all of your orders at once. We call that shipping done right.

Bulk Shipping Wizard

Did you know, in just a few clicks you can fulfill all of your outstanding orders through Ladels? The Ladels Bulk Shipping Wizard will boost your productivity and save hours of your time by allowing you to ship orders quickly and efficiently. With e-commerce sales and shipping at an all-time high, we like to keep things moving smoothly for your business so that shipping all of your orders isn't a tedious task anymore.

Batch processing is creating all of your labels at once instead of individually. Yes, you read that right. Click "Process All Unfulfilled Orders" on your dashboard and this will walk you through processing all of the outstanding orders in your queue.


Once you're in the tool, simply select the orders that you want to process, make sure that their dimensions are populated (if you sync your orders, this should already be filled in), select any add-ons such as insurance and signature confirmations, and click finish! All of your labels will download for you to print all at once!

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Order Importing

Send old shipping habits packing by importing your order to Ladels to process them all at once. This tool will work for any e-commerce platform that allows you to download a list of your orders, or you can enter your orders into the spreadsheet manually. Whether you ship on eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Storenvy, or any other software, you can use order importing to import your orders to Ladels and receive our USPS Commercial PricingĀ® discounts for free.

Add your orders into a CSV, XLSX, or ODS file and import them to print all of the labels at once. The information you import will automatically populate the labels for you, so you can sync, print, and ship in no time. You can use this template we provided for you to ensure that your files are imported correctly.

Batch Orders Going to the Same Destination

Shipping, Simplified - Ladels was created with you and your customers in mind. In fact, Ladels is the only shipping software that allows you to batch orders going to the same destination. If you have customers that placed multiple orders going to the same address, Ladels allows you to batch those orders into one shipment and send them together in one box.

Other shipping software requires that each order has its own label, resulting in paying for multiple labels going to the same address. By batching individual orders going to the same destination, Ladels is saving you and your customers money.

To use this feature, select "Process All Unfulfilled Orders" on your dashboard to access the Ladels Bulk Shipping Wizard. This tool allows you to create labels for all of your unfulfilled orders at once. Once you're in the tool, it will batch orders going to the same address into one shipment for you!


When you complete all of the steps in the Bulk Shipping Wizard, click finish. You can view your orders and the shipment you created in the "Orders" and "Shipments" tabs on your dashboard.

Follow the steps in the tool to add package weight and dimensions and special additions including insurance and signature confirmation.

Your orders will now show up under one shipment.

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