USPS shipping for your shopping cart

Shipping is a huge pain point for e-commerce stores. It is often the most overlooked aspect when starting an e-commerce business, but arguably the most important. Prices on shipping labels continue to rise drastically. Finding the perfect shipping carrier for your company has become increasingly more difficult. Working with multiple carriers and negotiating discounts with these providers is even harder. Take the pain out of shipping by using Ladels.

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With Ladels you receive all of the services the United States Postal Service offers with your FREE USPS Postage account ($15.99/mo value) plus additional discounts up to 90% off of your favorite shipping services like USPS Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, First Class Mail®, Priority Mail Flat Rate®, First Class International®, and more.

Ladels is a fully customizable e-commerce shipping platform. We have empowered e-commerce businesses with full control over what their customer sees. Users with online stores can seamlessly connect their stores & sync all of their orders into one dashboard. Our customers can compare rates, generate labels, track shipments, and sync orders across multiple platforms. Ladels brings access to shipping infrastructure, discounted pricing, and detailed data to businesses of any size with simple 1-click integrations.

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